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Our Curriculum

NCCC provides individualized learning within multi-age classrooms. Preschoolers come to school with varied levels of knowledge and ability. The director and other staff assess the children when they arrive, and pick up where they are, rather than starting from the very beginning and teaching all the children the same thing at the same time. They speak to the children in a respectful manner and help them to become independent.


NCCC has three classrooms:

In the Innovators classroom (1-2 year olds), children are provided with environments and educational activities that promote stimulating and immersive learning experiences.

In the Explorers classroom (2-3 year olds), children learn to solve problems, communicate effectively, and become more independent. This classroom is also bilingual, with children experiencing a complete immersion in the Spanish language at an ideal time for their language development. 

In the Scientists classroom (3-5 year olds), children learn how to follow directions and a daily routine, how to think critically, and how to interact with and learn from each other, all while furthering their communication skills and independence. They learn about other cultures and the heritages of their peers. The VPK program emphasizes school readiness, deepening math and literacy concepts, and ensuring that children are well prepared for kindergarten.


The children at NCCC are able to take advantage of the beautiful environment and stimulating academic resources of the New College campus. On any given day, they may be playing by the bayfront, planting trees on Arbor Day with members of the Physical Plant staff, reading books at the Jane Bancroft Cook Library, or learning about sea life at the Pritzker Marine Center.

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