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Mission & Program

New College Child Center is an early learning center serving the New College campus and surrounding community. We provide a structured, nurturing educational environment focused on the development of the whole child through self-rewarding activities, exploration, and both individualized and social learning. We guide students as they develop into thoughtful, self-confident individuals who love to learn, and who are empowered to navigate their environment and their community with respect and intention.

By using the latest research combined with pedagogy that has stood the test of time, we seek to address the cognitive, creative, emotional and social needs which are unique to all children.


The New College Child Center is a resource for the New College community and was designed to take full advantage of New College of Florida’s educational and arts and science-centered campus to nurture curiosity and discovery in arts, science, language, and cultures while fostering independence, confidence, and peer interaction. The Center strengthens our sense of community through its commitment to raising strong, competent, and creative children, and also through community outreach.

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